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We are a cutting-edge contract development team, specializing in IoT systems. If you want to securely connect devices to the Internet, we can help. Our expert team has decades in combined experience delivering remarkable results. We work with one client at a time, so each project gets our full and undivided attention from start to finish. If you have a special project, you need a special team.

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Our Services

Specification Design

Convert client’s informal definition of the desired service or product into a formal roadmap and system architecture document containing clearly-defined development phases of the service or product, resources required, and client deliverables, with a determined time and budget for each phase of implementation; define engineering resources, define software frameworks, and select technology stack for each phase of implementation.

Electronics Design
Electronics Design

Advanced electronic device design and full prototyping services, specifications, schematics, multi-layer PCB design, wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, etc.), Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, industrial automation devices, sensors, UI panels, component selection, signal/power integrity simulation, high-speed board design (DDR3, LVDS, WiFi, etc.), mixed analog/digital board design, and enclosure design. Our ‘Design for Manufacturing’ techniques allow our clients to go straight from prototype to production seamlessly, saving a fortune in time and development costs.

Firmware Design
Firmware Design

We provide all firmware coding services for the hardware that we design to ensure that everything operates flawlessly. ARMxx, MSPxx, CC32000, Baremetal, FreeRTOS, U-Boot/Linux, etc.

Software Design
Software Design

Backend (server side, modern technology stacks, REST API), frontend (client side UI, Ux). Mobile app, and desktop software application design for all target platforms using all of the latest standards, languages and frameworks, C/C++, Javascript, JQuery, Angular, etc. Deliver tested, debugged, and deployed to App Store, etc. Scalable on demand cloud-based applications, hybrid applications, app-in-browser, IoT software applications for all platforms. End-to-end design and engineering of sophisticated IoT solutions for multiple user platforms, including multiuser geo-distributed platforms with real time user communication.

Project Management
Project Management

Manage specification resources, timeframes and commitment dates, establish communications framework with all stakeholders, serving as a bridge for efficient communications between client team and development team. Manage execution of all specification phases and entire development process across all disciplines to provide client with deliverables. Manage parts purchasing and production of physical prototypes and hardware. Manage testing and debugging. Manage handover of deliverables and documentation to client team. Manage post-handover maintenance relationships.

Project Management
Regulatory Approval Management

Some electronic products may require, or clients may wish to obtain, UL, FCC, or other similar listings and approvals. Starting from the design phase of a project, we can work to secure your listings and approvals in the fastest timeframe possible. Our deep experience in this area can help to expedite your project through this critical phase.

Full cycle
Full-Cycle Product/Service Development and Prototyping

Full-cycle development includes all of the above disciplines, and management of the entire project, from specification phase, to prototypes and testing, to handover of the finished product and/or service to the client. This includes PCB production and assembly, parts BOM purchasing, etc.

Full cycle
Domestic and Off-Shore Manufacturing

We have relationships with both domestic and international fabrication facilities. We can manage production of your product in any volume, from 100’s to 100’s of thousands, at the most economical price-for-volume possible. When you need product fast, our domestic producers can meet expedited timeframes. We you need competitive pricing, our off-shore relationships can meet virtually any volume requirements, at the lowest prices possible.

Who We Serve

We work with a wide range of companies, from start-ups, to large corporations, who need to develop world-class software and electronics products quickly, and on a reasonable budget. We provide a turnkey service for complete end-to-end product and/or service development, saving our clients from having to recruit and manage an expensive multi-disciplinary in-house development team. By working with us, our clients can typically expect to achieve their desired results for about one-third the cost of an in-house team, and in about one-half the time. Before engaging with a client, we provide a clear written project specification with a defined budget and deliverables.

Work flow

  • Initial


    Client describes their desired product or prototype, features, usage, etc. in an informal manner (use form at the top of the page).

  • Expertise


    Within 48 hours we evaluate the request and prepare a scope document with a preliminary project specification that identifies the project deliverables, primary resources, project phases, project time estimation, and project budget.

  • Implementation


    Upon client acceptance scope document, first payment is made and we begin implementation of the project:

    • Road map

      Develop a detailed product/service specification and roadmap that precisely identifies all deliverables, resources, and timelines.

    • Process

      Implement and manage all phases through completion

  • Release


    Make handover to client with training and documentation


We provide product and/or service deliverables, in accordance with the detailed product specification developed with the client. The detailed product specification includes delivery dates for each phase of development, as well as the costs for each phase. Deliverables can be as simple as a deployed software application, or as complex as an entire product or service developed from start to finish.

Note: Changes to a specification after development has commenced could result in additional fees and development time.

Recent Projects:

Advanced IoT System for GrowCentral.net

GrowCentral.net is a cloud-based Internet of Things automation system for commercial agriculture enterprises, that allows clients, through secure cloud accounts, to access and manipulate physical electronic controllers that regulate functions in garden and greenhouse environments, through a multi-platform online dashboard. Controllers are connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, and a distributed cloud-based software infrastructure allows clients to manipulate the controllers, control their states and modes, and gather statistics. The system also provides users with SMS alert triggers, and 2-factor login authentication via SMS PIN code. The system is highly interactive, allowing users to tailor the system’s features and functions to their needs. We worked hand-in-hand with the client to develop the product specification and we developed and executed this project from start-to-finish for the client with a successful handover in June of 2018. It included project specification design, hardware and software specification design, hardware design of core IoT wireless modules, control modules, and sensor modules, firmware development, intensive frontend and backend software development, UI and Ux wireframe development, product enclosure design, production of prototypes and first article production units.

R&D Tasks

Hardware R&D, prototype design, firmware R&D for the hardware, backend cloud for hardware/client API, frontend UI/Ux, App-in-Browser Web Application, production prototypes, testing/debugging.


Design & Implement Controller Hardware

Power/Relay board

Design & Implement Controller Hardware

MCU/WIFI Modules



App-in-Browser Web Application Dashboard (Angular 4, socket, etc.) with interactive features to access controllers, monitor their states, and review statistics.


Cloud based engine includes: user API (Node.JS), IoT API (Node.JS), real-time (socket.io, MQTT) messaging for IoT, remote firmware update for IoT, big data processing (Go), databases, and Continuous Integration/deployment components for the project manage and improve. All backend engine implemented in micro service architecture, containerized and put onto distributed cloud datacenter. Load balancers monitor micro services loading and expand them if required (spawn).


Design & Prototype Branded Appliances

Design and prototype IoT controllers utilizing PCB Controller Hardware combined with other components, in a rugged enclosure, to provide specialized functionality according to client specifications. Design products and enclosures for assembly line manufacturing.

6-Channel Controller with Bluetooth and iOS App for Powerbox

This project involved developing a 6-channel industrial duty PLC-style timer, with one-second timing resolution, and with an interface that is easy for a novice to program. It was also required that the device operate on any standard power grid worldwide. There are six separate relay channels (220VAC@8A each), and 100 available user programs with complex timing logic. There is a native LCD UI with buttons, and a mobile application (iOS) that connects with the device via Bluetooth, for more advanced programming features. We delivered the project to the client with the App deployed in the App Store, 100 production prototypes, and ready to manufacture.

R&D Tasks

Hardware Design, Firmware Design, Enclosure Design, Hardware Prototype, Mobile Application, Design (iOS), Manage Production Manufacturing


Hardware and Enclosure Design

Power/Relay, Control boards

Firmware and Mobile App (iOS) Design

Native Apple Application

ARM Cortex Firmware design

250x80 250x80

Wireless Industrial Controller with Touch-Screen UI

The client requested a compact-sized industrial controller that communicates with other devices on multiple wireless protocols (WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee), with a touch-screen UI, and cloud connectivity. The device also contains 10 analog relay channels capable of switching up to 250V@8A each. Due to the compact size, this project required a very complex 8-layer circuit board with strict impedance control.

R&D Tasks

Hardware Design (High-Speed Board Design), Firmware Design (Bootstrap/Linux Images), UI Design (Modern Material Design on touch-screen), Hardware Prototype


Full-cycle prototype

Control board design (high-speed digital part with DDR interface, radio part for WiFi&ZigBee interfaces)

Power board (Input ~85..220VAC, 10 on-board relays 220VAC@10A )

Hardware, Enclosure, Firmwares, Software Design & Prototype


Since 1995, we have designed and prototyped over 100 electronic devices and systems, and completed countless software projects. We are a team dedicated to successfully bringing your project to life in the most efficient manner possible. We pride ourselves not only on the world-class services we provide, but also on the close communication we have with our clients through all project phases, so that we deliver exactly what the client is expecting.

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